fredag 21. september 2012

Mountainwalking to Trollsjøen (Lake Troll)

Now at fall it is wonderful colors in the Scandinavian mountains. 
I, my Troll-Husband and our dog Lucky was walking to spectacular Trollsjøen ( Troll Sea ) at  
Abisko National Park in north Sweden.  
 These are a few of the great pictures we took from the walk:

Steindalen to Trollsjøen is known for its special rock formations and unique geology. It is a lush and unique vegetation of the flower species found only in Steindalen and Mongolia. It all escalates into the Trollsjøen with a stunning blue-green crystal clear water, surrounded by mountains.

 Use the the weekend to go for a walk getting a little fresh air :-)
Wishing you a wonderful weekend :-) 
Big hugs from

2 kommentarer:

Cathrin sa...

Har sedd bilda dærifra tilire og d ser jo bare helt fantastisk ut. Håpe virkeli æ en eller anna gang får mulihetn tel å ta den turn. Blir nok dessverre ikke me d første pga den kranglate hofta mi, men håpe vi kanskje kommer oss på en pittelitn tur ut i hælga hele familien.
Ha ei kjæmpefin hælg, Karin! :o)

Tammy sa...

WOW Gorgeous photos Karin!! Looks like it was a fabulous walk! I also love to walk with my hubby and our little dog... and National Parks are the best!
Hugs, Tammy