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Halloween - Vintage Greetings Quotes Pictures and Spooktacular tips for Party or Cards!

It's time to say Trick or Treat!!! Sweet, spooky or scarifyingly silly!!!

Below I have collected some Scary Quotes, Spooky Words and creepy pictures that 
can be used for making your own Halloween Card or maybe you only need some scary words :-)


Bubble Bubble
Hope you have a Purrrfectly

Halloween you
must beware.
For frightful things
are everywhere.

Spiders, Spiders.
Bats and Spiders -
In your tea cup

You will see
Whom your love
Would like to be! 

Wishing you a 

Halloween is coming soon
so grab your mask or your broom
The ............. family will be your host
come dressed as a boblin, witch or ghost!

I don`t do costumes
But I might do YOU!

Wishing you a
Wicked fun
Laves turn red
trick or treaters say BOO!
It`s Halloween so I made
some Tootsie Rolls for YOU!

If in the mirror your lover is seen,
You`ll surely be happy on Halloween!

When the world is wrapped in slumber,
And the moon is sailing high,
If you peep between the curtains,
You`ll see witches riding by.

BOO! To You, Too!

Trick or Treat, smell my feet
   here is something sweet 
             to eat!

By pumpkins fat and witches lean.....
By coal black cats with eyes of green
By all the magic ever seen.........!
I wish you luck this HALLOWEEN!

Hold your candle steady
And ceep a sharp lookout
For back among the shadows
You`ll see goblins peeping out.

Oct 31st
This is the night o Halloween
When all the witchie may be seen

When leaves do fall and witches brew,
Goulish ghosts emerge to say BOO
Enjoy a stroll but watch your back.
Nights this time are full of creepy bats and cooky cats.

Sing a song of HALLOWEEN
Pumpkins everywhere,
Cats and bats and witches
are flying through the air.

Let`s go out and show 
the spooks and dead ones 
what a few real lives-ones can do.

May witches, ghosts and
          goblins too
On Halloween bri ng luck to you!

Look out! Or else 
a goblin cew
Will try to have 
some fun with you!

Wish YOU a spooky HALLOWEEN!
Creepy hugs from

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